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Playing The Casinos Risk Free

If we were to tell you that there is a way for you to enjoy all of your favorite casino games without any risk whatsoever, you would probably think that this is some kind of marketing gimmick at best–or an outright scam at worst. You can hardly be blamed for thinking so as the Internet is full of web sites that make grand claims that so often fail to deliver on their promises. The fact remains however, that you CAN have your fill of all the familiar and not so familiar casino games without having to spend a single cent–and no deposit casinos provide the means for you to do so. No deposit bonus casinos present the ideal gambling alternative for people who have always been curious about getting started with gambling but didn’t quite know how to start. The entire gambling experience is rife with technical terms and jargon that flies over the head of so many beginners. Coming to terms with the various aspects of gambling is a formidable task enough in itself but when you add in the risk of losing money–in addition to having to spend it in order to play in the first place–well, you can see how many beginners might be slightly bewildered when first entering the gambling world.

No deposit casinos make the entry a lot easier by providing a way for anyone at all to get started gambling with bonus money that the casino provides when you sign up. It is a brilliant marketing move to be sure. What the no deposit offer is offering is simply free money that you can use for as long as you try out the casino’s games. You might compare this offer to the ones that many casino hotels make when they offer a certain number of casino chips for stay in one of their rooms for example.

Ok, so what if you end up losing all the money that the casino has given you in the course of a night of gambling? Well you need not worry as these casinos simply consider it a gift to you and a necessary expense for them. For one thing, it helps keeps a steady stream of new customers logging on to their web site, which is a good thing in that each of those new visitors could be a potential customer…and a long term return customer at that. One other thing you have to consider is that online casinos typically have far less overhead expenses than land based casinos. The absence of a physical space, as well as not having to deal with employee salaries and other operational expenses, make it possible for online casinos to realize huge profits. Because of this they can offer their potential customers bonus money as a sort of enticement or advertising expense.

Of course like any other business on the Internet, no deposit casinos are also subject to its share of controversies and criticisms. More than a few reports of customers that have supposedly been misled by no deposit casinos have arisen over the years. While some of those reports probably did have basis in reality, casinos that engage in less than honest dealings with their customers are usually found out and exposed pretty quickly. When word gets out about a particular online casinos shady operations, they are usually not allowed to operate any longer. The laws regarding this are pretty strict so you can imagine that online casinos will want to make sure that they conform to every letter of the law if they want to keep their business running. So how does one explain the rest of the complaints that have to do with no deposit casinos? Believe it or not, a large number of them are complaints from professional bonus hunters who have taken it upon themselves to make a profit by visiting as many online casinos as possible and taking advantage of their no deposit offers. Ok fair enough, but that still does not explain the rest of the complaints that have been reported with regard to no deposit casinos. The fact is that these complaints are from people who have signed up to play in a no deposit casino without really understanding the offer entirely. To explain this more clearly, you have to realize that the bonuses offered by no deposit casinos typically come in 3 different types. These are free spins, free money, and free money with a time limit.

Free spins are fairly self-explanatory. These are merely a certain number of free spins of a slot machine such as 100 free spins on the fruit machine slot machines for example. The offer of free money might be something like $10 to play the games in the casino. Free money with a time limit would mean that you will be given a certain amount of money and be allowed to play for only a predetermined amount of time. This offer might be something like $500 to play for an hour for example. Now, many of the case involving complaints with no deposit casinos can be explained by a simple case of misunderstanding the no deposit casino offers outlined above. In many instances, the casino player simply wanted to get started with a game as soon as possible and therefore did not bother to read through the terms and conditions of the said offer thoroughly.

A quick look through the terms and conditions of most no deposit casinos will show you that there is typically a limit to how much a player can win when taking advantage of these offers. The actual amount varies from casino to casino but it is typically pegged at around $200. Another common source of confusion is the term “deposit in order to claim winnings”. This condition might stipulate that a player who has just won $200 would have to deposit a certain amount of money in order to claim the $200 winnings. Now granted this might raise a few eyebrows in the online casino community, but no deposit casinos impose this condition, in order to discourage professional bonus hunters from taking advantage of the bonuses that they offer. Finally look for any terms and conditions regarding the no deposit casinos’ play through requirements. Play through requirements will stipulate how much money a player will need to wager before his or her bonus will be cleared.

The lesson in all this is pretty simple. As in all matters involving money on the Internet, read through the terms and conditions thoroughly and make sure that you understand them fully before you even begin to play.

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